Industry Finished Product Grade Applications
Plastics PVC Pipes (Rigid & Flexible) Cables, Leather Cloth, Foot wear, Flooring etc. KC-3, KC-4, KC-11, KC-2 As a fillter , It improves finish impact strength . It is special grade for high % age filter loading in PVC pipe It improves gloss , tensile strength elongation etc.
Rubber Shoes & Slipper sole, Tyre tube straps, Floor Tiles, Mat, Conveyor, Belts Hoses tubes R.P. granules etc. KC-1 KC-2 KC-1 As a reinforcing filler and improve strength as well as whiteness. It imparts stiffness to non cured rubber product.
Paints Emulsion, Paints & Polishing Agents KC-1 KC-2 KC-11 As an extender and opacifying agents, imparts brightness etc.
Ink Printing Ink KC-11 As an extender to control strength
Paper Cigarette, Tissue and office papper KC-1 KC-2 As a fillter and coating agent. It improve brightness , smothness, opacity and ink receptiveness
Pharmaceuticals Tablets and Antacid liquids KC-1 KC-3 As a neutralizing agent in Antacid Liquids and used as a calcium source in tablets and it provides the body shape tablets.
Cosmetics Face Powder, Talcum Powder KC-1 KC-3 As a perfume extender to increase fluffiness and control absorption as a perfume carrier.
Dentrifrice Tooth paste & Tooth Powder KC-5 KC-6 As a cleaning and polishing agent due to its abrasiveness property.
Food & Beverage Chewing Gums Powder Drinks KC-1 KC-3 KC-6 To provide calcium as a food additive and helpfull for the growth of body as well as Bones
Animal Food Cattle Feed KC-1 KC-5 KC-6 As a major ingredient in cattle feed as a calcium suppliment and as a part of staple diet of cattle feeds
Adhesive & Sealants Sealants, Mastics KC-3 As a filler and pigment in sealants